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Just not competitive enough

Have just read some posts on the A4U forum regarding the launch of Orange mobile and am very concerned about the number of new programs launched with commission rates vastly below the market average. Orange is a case in point. £20 per SALE. I know of many mobile phone programs paying £30 to £40 and then some per APPLICATION. So why should a seasoned affiliate advertise Orange on their site at such low levels? In my view they quite simply … Continue reading
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Website for sale

Decided to sell one of my old sites today. To be honest I have loads of affiliate sites floating around which I have “forgot” about as I constantly change direction. As they have been around a while they might be of use to someone who already operates in that niche. Here are the details: I am selling Why? I haven’t got the time to update it (you will see it’s hopelessly out of date). Plus I have another credit … Continue reading
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Can you read?

Do people *just not read*????? I have an old defunct site at Free Horse Racing Tips which despite the notice on the homepage that says “This site is currently offline until further notice. Due to other commitments we are no longer able to supply free horse racing tips” still gets people signing up to my newsletter on almost a daily basis. Or what about my “contact us” page at UK Offer? Do you know how many phone calls/emails I get … Continue reading
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Back on broadband!

Well after almost 5 weeks without broadband I’m finally back online! Sure I’ve had to change provider, have 2 BT engineer visits, countless technical support calls and have had to buy a wi-fi router but I don’t care as I’ve finally rejoined the 50% of UK Internet users who use broadband. It’s only 512k which is all I can get but it is soooo much better than dial-up. So I guess that means that I’ll have to start doing some … Continue reading
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Microsoft fingerprint scanner keyboard

I have just started using the Microsoft Optical Desktop with Fingerprint Reader and I have to say it is well cool! It has a small laser fingerprint scanner on the keyboard and for any websites that require a login and password all you need do is place your finger on the scanner for half a second, and your logged in! It takes literally 10 seconds to set each site up for the first time that you visit. After that a … Continue reading
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