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Read an interesting news story in NMA today regarding the launch of Affilinet in the UK. For anyone who doesn’t know, Affilinet is a German affiliate network. They have approx. a 32% share of the German market and are looking to become a top 3 UK affiliate network by the end of 2006. So what is their USP? And is there room for them in the UK market where there are already around between 10 to 20 major (depending on … Continue reading
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Merchants approving affiliates

I understand the need for merchants to approve affiliates as obviously they don’t want to be associated with any sites of disrepute. However you would think it would be in the merchants best interest to approve affiliates as quickly as possible wouldn’t you? Not in the case of First Direct. I have been waiting for their approval for over 5 weeks now. And if I’m honest I can’t even remember why I wanted to promote them in the first place. … Continue reading
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Accused of bidding on restricted ppc terms (again)

Every week for the last few weeks I have been accused of bidding on restricted ppc terms by either merchants or affiliate networks. And in each and every case I haven’t done so, not once. If there are restrictions in place for certain merchants and I am aware of them then I don’t bid. What would be the point? All I would do is risk losing any commission I may have made. So why am I getting accused of bidding … Continue reading
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Link Swapping

OK we all know swapping links is important but so is the way you ask for them. I get hundreds of link swap emails every week and I bin about 99% of them. Here’s what not to do in order to get a link swap. Do not mass email me along with hundreds of other sites. Typically these emails are very generic, not addressed to any of my sites and they call me “potential link partner” or such drivel. If … Continue reading
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Sexiest Man in Jamaica – Update

I’ve just had a look at the referrer logs for this blog and I’m getting *loads* of hits for Sexiest man in jamaica ringtone from Google and other variations of the search phrase. So come on real tone makers, the demand is most definitely there! Who’s gonna’ clean up on this one Crazy Frog style? What I’m listening to right now: Raheem Devaughn – “The Love Experience”
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