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How to close an affiliate programme

I received this bizarre email today from OMG… “Dear affiliate, We have recently been reviewing the Ryanair card programme which we have seen go from strength to strength. Performance on this card has exceeded our expectations which is great news! MBNA have now made the decision to remove this card from their portfolio so that affiliates can channel their efforts into achieving the same excellence for other MBNA cards. The programme will be closed on Friday 1st September which I … Continue reading
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CJ Javascript Link Initiative – U Turn

Back in June I blogged about the Commission Junction Link Initiative and how it would turn a lot of affiliates off (and did). Anyway, seems that CJ have finally realised the error of their ways and have released this statement today: “On August 30, 2006 publishers will notice changes in getting links in the CJ Account Manager™. This change will make it easier for publishers to choose either HTML or JavaScript links. To reiterate there are no plans to remove … Continue reading
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Blog Sponsorship by

Just a quick word to thank for sponsoring my blog. I have worked with for a number of years now and I am delighted that they wanted to be a part of my blog. It’s not often that I promote products/services on this blog unless it is something that I think my readers will find of use. This is where come in….They are one of the most pro-active affiliate networks in the UK and also one of … Continue reading
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Great new service for buying/selling text links

I’ve just discovered a service called Text Link Ads which is great for 2 reasons. The first is that it can help build traffic and increase your Google PR/backlinks for any of your websites. When you sign up and log into Text Link Ads you get a welcome screen whereby you can search by category for websites to buy textlinks from. Or you can view the “Top 25 Text Link Ads” or even search for a keyword relevant to your … Continue reading
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Reply to comment from previous post

“Anonymous” just posted the following comment on my last post about Web User magazine. I’ve decided to reply to it here as I think the topic is worthy of a new post. Here’s the comment first, followed by my reply. “Out of curiosity, do you or have you paid for advertising in web user?Nothing against you, I have the utmost respect for you, but there are hundreds of mobile comparison sites out there that do the job far better than … Continue reading
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