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Just finishing off packing my bags for the A4U Get2gether in London on Friday. Although I would like to make my apologies in advance. The problem is that I have a really, really bad memory, so if you come up and say hello (which I hope you do) and I just look at you gormlessly then this is only because I am rubbish at remembering faces. So please, please don’t me offended if I don’t recognise you, honestly I’m like … Continue reading
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What I’m listening to right now…

John Legend – “Save Room” Such a good record it deserves its own post. Its due out in a couple of weeks but to hear it now go to John’s site at either or John Legend at MySpace. Pure quality in the R&B world. John Legend
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Domain Name Disputes

I’ve been threatened to be sued about 4 times now, none of which have actually come to fruition. Here is the latest one that I received on 19th June this year from “Kieron I’ve noticed that you are now actively using the domain and driving traffic to the site. is a £9m turnover mobile phone reseller, employs 30 people and has been trading for over 10 years on the web. The similarity between the URLs and … Continue reading
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Website and domain names for sale

I’m having a bit of a clean out and am selling the following site and domain names: The site has a Google PageRank of 4. I am also including the .com version of the domain in the sale. “Broadband Suppliers” is a popular search term used by people and was searched for 3381 times in July 2006 according to the UK Overture/Yahoo! inventory tool. I launched the site in May 2003 and have just let it grow organically. I … Continue reading
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ShoeMoney’s Blog

I was reading ShoeMoney’s Blog today and came across this post. Basically it’s a thread where ShoeMoney offers the following: “What if you could get a list of every word your competitor has been bidding on? How much would that be worth to you? We have been working on some tools to do just that…. someone give me a domain…. any domain, and ill tell you EVERY keyword they are bidding on.. limited time offer! (like the next hour =P … Continue reading
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