How to lose out on almost 800 Diggs and handling people copying my content again

Last Friday I wrote an article about white cars. I thought it was pretty good and was going to submit it to Digg as I thought it was the type of stuff that their readers enjoy. However I got caught up with other work so never got round to it. Then on Saturday afternoon I finally got to it and logged into Digg and submitted my story. Now as any Digg user will know once you submit a story Digg then searches it database to see if the story has already been submitted. So imagine my surprise when Digg said that the story had been submitted, but I wasn't credited as the blog author! Instead, had copied my article 100%, word for word including all of the images. Not only that but they were hotlinking to my images so my bandwidth was being used too! So the first thing I did was write a comment on Digg that I was the original author and then I switched some of my images for ones like below: landroverlrx_live0411.jpg So now users to this thief's blog could see this instead of a nice white car. At the same time I emailed the blog owner threatening legal action. He then emailed back to say "sorry" and then decided to host the images on his server so as not to steal my bandwidth. How kind. Another exchange of emails and he finally took down the post and instead pointed people to my blog. But of course this all took a day and a half since my original post and in that time the thief's blog registered 778 Diggs and obviously a lot of traffic as a result. When he finally removed his post and linked to me I did see a spike in visitors but it won't have been anywhere near the amount received during the first day. So the moral of the story? If you think that something is worth of submitting to Digg then do it yourself before some unscrupulous content thief does it and claims it as their own! What I'm listening to right now: Cherie Dennis – "Dropping Out Of Love"

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20 Responses to How to lose out on almost 800 Diggs and handling people copying my content again

  1. Tom Beaton says:

    It is disgusting when that happens. Some people just have no talent.

  2. purple says:

    I have noticed since one of my blogs was listed in google news, my stories get scraped all the time, is it easy to stop this happening?
    Kieron that must have been a pisser that they were hotlinking the images

  3. purple says:

    Just thought, I would take your advice Kieron and I have dugg this story. As I am sure the wider digg community would like to hear what happened to you.

  4. Kieron says:

    Thanks Purple, I’ve added the Digg button to this post so that if anybody wants to, they can Digg it.

    This blog gets scraped on a regular basis by about 20 “splogs”. I’ve never tried to stop them as I see them as more of a nuisance than a real problem.

    However, someone like the car blog ripping off my story and then Digging it as their own is an entirely different matter. And in this case, the threat of legal action seemed to do the job.

  5. purple says:

    Splogs are a pest, I guesss as soon as they close down a new one is setup. The fact they hotlinked you too, takes the biscuit I feel.
    Some going though 800 diggs

  6. Chris says:

    I was actually going to digg the post myself when i read it. It was obvious it would get alot of diggs but i never did in the end! I should of.

  7. gadget says:

    Are there any WP plugins that can help with this?

  8. Perp says:

    Disgusting behaviour, although you know what they say about imitation!

    From what I understand about Digg, you might yet see a nice wave of traffic from the knock on of the original, will also digg this post as it’s important that original authors get the credit they deserve – even if that is ‘bigging up’ white cars! ;-)

  9. Dio says:

    That’s harsh. If it was me, the top image would have been the one you used, the rest would have been gay porn. That would have created a nice stink at Digg.

  10. Joff says:

    Kieron, it all depends on how much of an upstanding citizen you are but I do like to keep a few “choice” pictures handy when people hotlink to my own media.

    Imagine the horror when a blog post or an ebay auction suddenly starts showing various exotic photos… and I don’t mean palm trees and coconuts!

  11. Jon says:

    If you look a few pages into his site. He also ripped your Dodge Challenger post. He did credit you but is still hot linking the pictures.

  12. Colin Boyd says:

    Dear God! He actual Digg’d it.
    Although I’ve read this post and not the white car one.:)

  13. Roshan says:

    It’s really sad that there are people out there that will just copy and paste other people’s hard work!

    I like the way you dealt with it though Kieron. Especially changing the images. nice one!

  14. Jon says:

    Why not just block hotlinking with htaccess?
    May not stop them stealing your posts but at least they would have to bother to download and host all the images.

    It may discourage some of the less determined thieves.

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  16. Alex says:

    I’m a relative newcomer to this and feeling my way, but someone stealing your content AND bandwidth- that’s more than cheeky! I’m glad you caught the guy and he had to step down and then link to you.

  17. Ralph says:

    thats an absolute pisstake kieron!

  18. Fatgadget says:

    Hi Keiron

    I just found out this happened to me today,

    You can see it here if anyone is interested.

    I am glad I read you article the other day, as I asked them to redirect to me and threatend them with legal action as you suggested, within 10 minutes it was redirected.

    If these people out the same amount of effort into their own content as they do stealing it they might actually achieve something.

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