More white cars! 50 examples of why white is the most popular colour choice for cars in the world

According to the DuPont 2007 Global Automotive Colour Popularity Report, silver is no longer the undisputed colour champion of the automotive world. White is! I have to admit that since my post last October I've seen more and more white cars on the road. For instance, a white BMW M3 and a white Audi S5 now both live on the same estate as me. This time last year I couldn't remember ever seeing a new white car anywhere. Not only that but more and more new cars and concepts are being launched in white. So naturally I thought the only logical thing to do was to update my previous "white car" post with some new pictures. I've combined them both below into 50 shining examples of white gorgeousness! Let's start as we mean to go on. The TechArt Porsche Cayenne Magnum. Ugly or full of character? I have to be honest I'm not normally a fan of the Cayenne but I love what TechArt have done with the beast. Just look at those white wheels! techart-porsche_cayenne_magnum_2008blog21.jpg The 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. Utterly gorgeous. ford-mustang_shelby_gt500_2007blog.jpg The Landrover LRX Concept. landroverlrx_live042.jpg Nissan GT-R. This piece of Japanese metal really suits white doesn't it? nissan-gt-r_20082.jpg 2008 BMW M3 Convertible. I'm reliably informed that BMW are releasing this car to the press etc. in white later this year. 2008-bmw-m3-convertible.jpg 2008 Mercedes Benz CLC Class. 2008-mercedes_clc_class.jpg Audi TTS Coupe. ttsdetroitlive87.jpg Audi TTS Roadster. tts-convertible1.jpg BMW 7 Series. 7series.jpg BMW M5. bmwm5.jpg Porsche GT3 Cup S racing car. 2008-porsche-gt3-cup-s.jpg Toyota 4Runner. Bit of an acquired taste maybe. 2008-toyota-4runner-with-urban-runner-package.jpg Cadillac Escalade Platinum Edition. Those were the days when I used to own one of these babies. cadillac-escalade_platinum_2008.jpg But now I've converted back to right hand drive and possibly the best car in the world. The Range Rover Supercharged. My car, awesomely awesome. rr1.jpg The Artega GT. artega-gt.jpg The Bentley Brooklands. bentley-brooklands.jpg Bentley Continental GTC. How lush? white-gdc-front.jpg Hummer H3. hummerh3.jpg Vauxhall Astra VXR Nurburgring Edition. opel-astra-opc-nurburgring_2.jpg Toyota FT-HS Concept. toyota-ft-hs_concept.jpg The RENNTech AMG CL65. 695HP? Yes please! renntech-amg-cl65.jpg Rahal Letterman (David) Racing BMW M3. rahal-letterman-racing-bmw-rahal-letterman-racing-m3-alms-car.jpg Mayback 57-S. maybach-57-s.jpg Chevrolet Camaro. camaro51.jpg BMW 1-Series tii Concept. bmw-1-series_tii_concept_2007.jpg Jeep Grand Cherokee. jeep.jpg Edo Shark Porsche 911 Turbo. edo-porsche_997_turbo_shark_2007.jpg Audi A5. Why do Audi cars in particular look so well in white? whitea5.jpg Heavily customised Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Otherwise known as the Popemobile! popemobile.jpg This is the gorgeous Audi R8. Simply stunning in white. This is the new Audi A4. After the R8 it's understated, but also looks well in white. This is the Audi TT Roadster with modifications by Abt Sportsline. This is the Audi Q7 V12 TDI concept. Are you bored of black 4x4's? I know I am so its refreshing to see one in white. Last of the Audi's is the small but perfectly formed S3. It's very hard to find an Aston Martin of any kind, never mind a V8 Vantage in white. Had to look to Dubai (where else) for this one. 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X. Bentley Continental GT. BMW M3 in Alpine White. Gorgeous. OK so not quite white but doesn't this Ferrari F430 Spider look good in ivory? The Ford Kuga is due to be launched in the UK later this year. Not bad for a Ford is it? Bit better looking than the bland new Mondeo anyway. The Mercedes ML Edition 10, due out early 2008. I struggled to get a picture of the new Mercedes C Class in Sport trim in white but hopefully you can see from the image below how good it looks. Even the humble Volkswagen Polo GTI suits a white coat of paint. And the Polo's big brother, the Golf GTI. Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. I saw one of these in Vegas earlier this year (in a shopping mall) and it just looked fantastic in white. Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Versace Edition. Wow! BMW 1 series. I didn't like these at first but they've really grown on me now. Fiat Grande Punto Abarth. Honda Civic Type R. The pic below is the official concept, bizarrely you can't buy it in white in UK showrooms. Porsche 911 Turbo by Techart What I'm listening to right now: Rockcity - "See You Around"

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56 Responses to More white cars! 50 examples of why white is the most popular colour choice for cars in the world

  1. gadget says:

    I bet you absolutely loved putting this post together! I must admit to coming round to your thinking. I was never a big fan but some of those cars look awesome. What car do you fancy next?

  2. Chris J says:

    Got to agree with you Kieron, that Audi R8 is awesome!

  3. Pete says:

    Yeah top post Kieron. Have to admit to coming round to white but went for Silver with my new car. Couldnt convince my wife.

  4. David Fiske says:

    Out with the “Top 10 Reasons Why” lists and in with the “Top 50″! LOL!

    I’m not to keen on white cars. If anyone’s offering, I’ll take silver or black!

  5. James Redden says:

    Urgh! What next? Pixie boots and big 1980′s haircuts!

  6. hero says:

    my mum insisted on a white car cause the dirt apparently doesn’t show so much… I would have thought otherwise, but she was right!

  7. martin-aka-purple says:

    I am sorry I still prefer black, although i admit a few of those cars would convert me I would not turn them done as freebies :)

  8. Darren says:

    How many white cars???

    I think the Audi cars definately pull off the white better than any other!!

    Saying that my next car will probably be the 1 series coupe in white! mmmmmmm

  9. Andy says:

    Great post! I will have to link it to our website:

  10. Wayne says:

    It appears your content has been stolen (images and all).

  11. Kieron says:

    Thanks Wayne, I was aware of it. P.S. Have removed the link as don’t want to give the thiefs more link juice.

  12. I\’m really sorry about that Kieron. I was working an 5468364368 project and i saw your article … and voila …

    All the images are now on my server so I wiil not stole your bandwith and I will modify the article when I will be back home.

    This is a good lesson for me.

    Sorry again !

  13. C@rn1v0r3 says:

    Those are some lame-ass cars! White is the new phail.

  14. John M says:

    So why would I want a color that everyone else has???

  15. James Hayton says:

    I just took delivery of a 2008 RR in white. I originally wanted black, but I decided on the white instead. I’m glad I did. It looks so fresh. My only regret is that I didn’t get the supercharged version :(

  16. Jord says:

    Yeh…nice cars.

    But i still dislike white and am sure that every one of those cars would look better in a different colour.

  17. Vspot says:

    Great post and very beautiful cars , but as a pro I would prefer the opposite: a black Mercedes-Benz 220 CDI, Classic!

  18. Tom G says:

    Great post Kerion, I have a new Audi tt coming on the 1st March 2008, really wanted white, I bottled it a few days before I put the order in 7 months ago and went for Black, might have to up grade to the new TT-S version in white if I need more performance.
    But I have set up a website and might have to cover quite a few miles to see suppliers.

    Aren’t you tempted to get some 22inch chrome wheels for your sweet rang rover?

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  20. Tye says:

    All I can see in those pictures is either ooddles of time at the car wash, or ooddles of time washing the car…

    I don’t wash my car :)

  21. Dale says:

    Great review, but in Canada white cars are not as popular as they blend in with the snow banks icy roads and are hard to see,causing accidents. Some Canadians are ridiculed when they buy a white car and their friends think they are getting ready to move south.

  22. kevin says:


    Love your white Sport, black and silver is all you see in mnachester.

    Love the number plate as well.


  23. Bob says:

    “Great post and very beautiful cars , but as a pro I would prefer the opposite: a black Mercedes-Benz 220 CDI, Classic!”

    A pro… taxi driver?

  24. Tom Beaton says:

    Is white not just beautiful in hot places? In the UK white will just look mucky – or on days like today be pretty much invisible.

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  27. Mike says:

    i’m usually not a fan of white cars, but that mustang is amazing :)

  28. marina says:

    there are more&more white cars in russia! despite lower visibility in winter etc. my ml edition-10 in white comes in march. can’t wait! but now that i pay more attention to white cars i mentioned how very dirty they look in winter time. i definately will have to wash my car daily…

  29. Ndmervin says:

    Couldnt agree more, these cars in white are simply awesome!! :D

    Ive always been a fan of white, be it championship white, iridescent white or solid white. Its the new trend now!

    Nice post u have there. Truly enjoy your pics collection of these supercars.

    Kip it up!

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  32. bradley myers says:

    these cars are all great put there are some old one as well but i stil love em

  33. zowoco says:

    I like the Ford Mustang and the Bentley Continental comes out surprisingly well in white! Might order one after all! If I can have yellow flowers on it…

  34. White cars are just so shiny. I do love the color, especially since it’s simple and sweet. What I do not like, however, is the fact that you need to clean up almost every week, especially if you use the car a lot.

    I loooove that Mustang. * drools *

    -Peter G

  35. Lyn says:

    I never understood why white fell out of favour. Black looks really great, but needs constant cleaning to be smart. White doesn’t show day to day dust and dirt (unless you drive through farmyards!!)

    Super pics.

  36. Africa says:

    The Artega GT looks absolutely fabulous, although if I owned that white one, I’d get high quality white rims to match the car color. Love the Bentley GT as well. Excellent collection of cars mate.

  37. Marky B says:

    Great posting this…. look at all those lovely shiney white cars!!!!

    I had a white VW Scirocco… I didn’t like it at first, not after the nice shiney (but dead) red one it replaced. It was a pain to keep clean and harder to get shiney, but I grew to love it dearly. Shame it got robbed and written off last year.

    I’m probably taking the plunge and buying a new Grande Punto this week… unfortunately not the Abarth displayed here, but a bog standard lowest-priced entry level 3 door 1.2 Active, which bizarrely enough, is available in White for over 1000 less than all the boring greys, blues and blacks of the other Active and Dynamic models. The only other white ones you can get are the top of the range Sporting models, which I’m not interested in.

    I’d like to hold out for the new VW Scirocco due out in September, but sadly that’s way out of my price range… even in white.

  38. aqls says:

    They’re all pushing white because of the safety statistics. (Black cars are involved in 42% more accidents than White cars at dusk.) So if the wife’s involved in the decision (which she usually enforces!) then the only way you’re not buying a Volvo is when the salesmen convince her it’s still the safest tank on the road! (or am I unusually henpecked!)
    Brightly coloured cars for me – unusual colours even better.

  39. gadget says:

    aqls – I think that’s a fair point. Do all the manufacturers get together and agree which colour they’re going to promote? I’m on a black car at the moment and whilst it looks great when clean ..

  40. danEboy says:

    Yep, just ordered an X6 in white, but asked the sales guy to call me just before it goes to production – in case I’ve changed my mind…(50K and 2 – 3 years living with it!). Currently got a black Q7… Haven’t considered white since I sold my Mk1 Escort RS Turbo in the 80′s… However, given the number of silver and black 4×4′s currently on the road – a white one should stand-out. There’s also something refreshing about a white car – even if its a gas-guzzling monster… Think I’m convinced now…??

  41. HeadHunter242 says:

    White looks great on cars with black trimming/grills. The contrast will result in a sleek & sporty look. BMW’s look great in white.

  42. DANger_mouse says:

    Awesome! Sorry to repeat it, but white is the new black. I’ve just bought a white Audi A3 (1999) and it’s SWEET.

    Saw a white V8 Vantage in a showroom in Japan. It had darker alloys than the one above and looked even better, if that’s possible..

  43. NM says:

    Has anybody seen a BMW X3 (SE trim) in Alpine White?
    I am just about ready to place an order, but keep having second thoughts because I have never seen one anywhere. My last 3 cars have been black and I don’t think I could face 3 more years of another black car!

  44. Kieron says:

    NM – don’t do it!! I love my white cars but there is an X3 in white round the corner from me and its horrible :( Some cars suit white but some just don’t. X3′s fall into the latter category I’m afraid.

  45. jacquie says:

    Does anyone rate small cars? I have just looked at a gorgeous Fiat 500 in white – so cute- and also desirable interior a gorgeous, quirky little car, Top Gear recommend it too. Wanted a red one with red leather interior – ivory – but didnt have one in the showroom only white, it was beautiful although have to admit not my first choice, my current car is black, but after reading the comments on this website, I think I am sold on white, very confusing would appreciate any advice.

  46. alvaro says:

    wow,the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

  47. jamesbythesea says:

    Saw a lovely white CL65 AMG in Brighton…..had really nice dark tinted windows

  48. Andrew says:

    Hi Kieron, This is the first time i logged on to your blog and i see that the last message reply by a reader was Jan 24 so i hope you are still blogging. I recently bought a white Holden [because i live in Australia] Astra because i haven’t seen many on the road, the “white car fad” took a while to reach Oz. I am thinking of changing the wheels to black, calipers to red and maybe black GT stripes down the sides so i’m constantly looking at white cars to get various examples of [any] modifications done.
    Thanks for posting the pics. Does anyone have suggestions?

  49. Base says:

    The ML, R8, 911, and Gallardo… Look beastly in WHITE! Love them! The best cars in white for me.

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