My interview with Doug

Doug, owner of and is one of Affiliate Marketing's shall we say "colourful" characters. So when he emailed me asking if I wanted to particiate in an interview I knew it would be a bit of fun and some rib poking would ensue. Here's the interview. He sent me over 70 questions but only about 12 or so made it to his blog as in Doug's words "people don't read it all" so watch out for a part 2 of the interview soon. Maybe then Doug will publish my answers to some of his more thought-provoking questions such as... Who is the best looking person in the industry? Where do you buys links from? If you could be anyone in the world who would it be? When did you last change your underwear? Ten things to do before you die and how what have you already done? What's your best joke? And my personal most favourite question ever: Have you been on an airplane? Was it good? Oh and Doug has promised to get his blog redesigned soon and get rid of those horrid 90's style mobile phone smilie images. What I'm listening to right now: Eric Benet - "“You’re the Only One” Just can't get enough of Eric tonight.

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2 Responses to My interview with Doug

  1. DougS says:

    What about when did you loose your virginity:)

    Comng in part 2:)


  2. I really want to know the answer to the question “Where do you buys links from?”. I am not sure how to make a judgement on how much a link is worth. Is it worth going on a link buying compaign or is it better to concentrate more on organic links?

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