Send Me Free Stuff And I’ll Blog About You – The Sumo Omni Chair

A big thanks to Sumo for their magnificent Omni Chair that they sent me last week. As you can see from the above picture taken at the Melbourne film festival, the Sumo Omni Chair is kind of like a giant beanbag that you can use as a crash mat, lounge chair, love seat (!!) or floor pillow to name but a few uses. Thanks guys, its really cool. P.S. They have an affiliate programme too. If you would like to be featured in the next installment of “Send Me Free Stuff And I’ll Blog About You” click here for details. What I'm listening to right now: Estelle and D Boy – "I'm Falling In Love With You"

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6 Responses to Send Me Free Stuff And I’ll Blog About You – The Sumo Omni Chair

  1. David Hurley says:

    Looks like a great seat.

    As someone who lives inside the Japanese Tiger’s Cave, I was attracted by the name of the product. However, I can’t find a single reference on their site to Japanese sumo wrestlers…

    The shape, bulk and consistency of the seat make the reference obvious – perhaps their avoidance of the obvious is a clever marketing strategy… or a dignified form of compliment…

  2. Hannah Swift says:

    Wow! They look awesome!!! They make me feel sleepy just looking at them! Feel free to send it my way if you get bored!


  3. Max says:

    or send it my way. us students love stuff like that

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  5. accounts says:

    Lovely bean chairs, I love blogging and writin review fo free, with a chair like that your sure getting 72 hours publicity of your site on my homepage. Is the offer still up?

  6. Thanks Max for the speech. I thought I should request for the deck.

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