Win 1 of 2 A4U Expo tickets worth £600 by leaving a comment

To celebrate the second A4U Affiliate Expo taking place in London on the 14th and 15th October I'm giving away 2 full affiliates passes worth £299 each. As well as access to the exhibition and all of the presentations these passes will also give you entry to the 3 parties taking place too :) So what do you have to do to win? Well I've tried to make it as easy as possible, all you need do is look at the Day 1 agenda and the Day 2 agenda and then tell me which presentation you are looking forward to the most. I don't need War and Peace, just a few words on what you think will be the most interesting. To kick things off, here's a few that I'm looking forward to: Day 2, 4.30pm to 5.30pm: "Meet the Super Affiliates" In this session myself, Doug and Jamie will be answering questions from the audience about any aspect of affiliate marketing. Between the 3 of us we cover a ton of niches and all drive traffic to our sites in different ways. I really enjoyed this session last year, so look forward to seeing everyone again this year and interacting with everyone. If anyone has anything in particular you would like us to cover for the talk then please get in touch. Day 2, 9.30am to 10.30am: "The mydeco Story - Life as a Start-Up in Affiliate Marketing" I'm really looking forward to hearing David Kelly, the CEO of Brent Hoberman's mydeco tell us all about how the high profile startup embraced affiliate marketing as one of it's core methods of monetisation. Day 1, 3pm to 4pm: "Extreme SEO Strategies for Affiliates" A well respected panel full of SEO experts including Dave Naylor will make this a must-see presentation doing exactly what it says on the tin. So there you go, there's 3 of my top picks although I must admit I could have listed 10 more, as there is loads of great stuff to choose from. Leave your comments below on what presentation you would like to see and I will pick 2 winners after the closing date of midnight 26th September 2008. What I'm listening to right now: Jazmine Sullivan – "Need You Bad"

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39 Responses to Win 1 of 2 A4U Expo tickets worth £600 by leaving a comment

  1. Dave Davis says:

    Hi Kieron.
    That’s a fantastic offer you have. I’d like to enter the following:

    I’d most like to attend the Extreme SEO Strategies for Affiliates session because the panel are all very well respected SEOs in the “non affiliate” areas as well as the affiliate side and as usual, I would like to heckle Dave Naylor. (Not really).

    The second session I would LOVE to attend is “The Insiders Guide to Affiliate Marketing in Europe” because I believe there are countless opportunities being left on the table by European affiliates and I want my slice of the pie. :)

    Have not got my tickets yet ;) but I hope to see you there!

  2. Grant says:

    I would definitely want to see Al Carlton’s talk “Million Dollar Blogging Strategies for Affiliates” and learn how to use his monetisation techniques on my “yet to be born” blog.

  3. I reckon the WordPress SEO & Optimisation Strategies by Joost De Valk on the first day will be well worth a visit. He has created a lot of useful Wordpess plugin so knows his stuff.

    The So You Don’t Do Travel? session by Chris Clarkson should also be worth a look as will the Practical PPC Strategies for Better ROI including Mel Carson form Microsoft Adcenter.

  4. Nick says:

    Hi Kieron,

    I’m most interested in ‘The Insiders Guide to Affiliate Marketing in Europe’ presentation as its a new market for myself and one that Ive been planning on targeting for a good year now. I believe in this markets potential and excited about the perspective from four different countries.

    Hope to see you at the conference!

    Don’t delay, choose me now – :)


  5. Sean says:

    Kieron, nice idea,
    I wasn’t planning on going this year. However i read through the agenda and was impressed with the empahsis on SEO. As someone who is moving away from Paid Search towards SEO my pick would be for Joost De Valk
    Wordpress is one of the great publishing tools for affiliates and Joost is a goldmine for info. Joost’s plugins, several of which i am using, are excellent tools with your websites SEO.

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  7. Amit says:

    Hi Kieron,
    Nice to see a contest on your blog!
    The topics I’d particularly like are

    Landing Page Optimisation Demystified – Important to bust Google QS!

    Extreme SEO Strategies for Affiliates – Yeah some organic traffic!

    Attracting & Retaining Customers in a Challenging Economy – How to retain the customers in recession.

    SEO, PPC & Competitor Analysis Tools Uncovered – What keywords are you bidding on?

    Practical PPC Strategies for Better ROI – Simple, Age-Old wisdom.

    Million Dollar Blogging Strategies for Affiliates – Really like Al’s SelfMadeMinds blog.

    Monetising User-Generated Content Whilst Keeping the User Happy – Why don’t marketers pay attention to this?

    Explained it pretty much in one line.

  8. Phil says:

    It’s nearing my first 12 months in affiliate marketing as both affiliate and merchant so the A4U Expo really, really appeals to me.
    Naturally I’d like to see the voucher code implementation session particularly as I’m looking to launch my new ‘unique’ code site that will hopefully be a breath of fresh air in the discount code market…
    Also I’d love to check out extreme SEO strategies; it’s not often you get to talk or hear about SEO outside of the online world!
    I suppose I could pop along to some of the merchant targeted sessions too such as Naomi’s ‘Dare To Be Different’ so I can take some tips back to work as well as back to the bedroom office!
    The expo is a week before my birthday so there would be a few drinking sessions too ;)

  9. Hi Kieron

    WOW what a fantastic opportunity! I’m a travel affiliate based in the North East and don’t usually get to these sorts of events. I’ve now taken the plunge and left employed work to do affiliate marketing full time, so I really want to go to the EXPO to learn new things and meet some fellow affiliates.

    As a travel affiliate I think the “So You Don’t do Travel” session on Day 1 sounds great. I promote Sunshine a lot and can’t wait to find out what the sunshine guys have got up their sleeves. The “Technical Innovation in the Travel Sector” at 14.15 on Day 2 also sounds helpful.

    Other than that I am looking to monetise my sites in different ways such as blogging and SEO, which I honestly don’t have a clue about at the minute. So the “SEO 101″ session at 12:30 on Day 1 and the seemingly popular “Extreme SEO Strategies” sound like sessions not to be missed.

    And of course I am looking forward to the “Meet the Super Affiliates” session at 16:30 on Day 2, as although I regularly read some “super affiliate” blogs I don’t think I have seen a super affiliate in the flesh! :-)


  10. kevin says:

    Day 2 Meet The Super Affiliates

    Love to see what they do and hopefully I will be up on stage next year telling new affiliates that with hard work and a little advice from super affiliates and a tiny bit of luck they could be on stage the year after.


  11. Dougs Rant says:

    Looks like could just be us 3 in the room then Kieron:) Peroni and champagne then

  12. Gaj says:

    There are so many of these that I’d love to attend. Knowing Al his presentation on “Million Dollar Blogging Strategies for Affiliates” is going to be brilliant. Would love to be there to see it.

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  14. Ian says:

    Brilliant (and very generous) idea to have a competition like this! I’m particularly looking forward to the following:
    Meet the Super Affiliates
    Like some of the previous commenters, I’m most looking forward to hearing the super affiliates take questions from the floor. Something like gives a huge amount of inspiration – and will hopefully spark off a few new ideas. You can learn SEO and other tips from books and online, but this kind of direct contact with people who have "been there, done that" is invaluable – and one of the big draws of the expo.
    Extreme SEO Strategies for Affiliates
    I’d like to think I’m good with SEO, but Dave is the mutts nuts when it comes to search engines, so I’m going to be listening carefully. I’m very interested to know how far into black hat techniques serious affiliates go, as I’ve seen some horrific drops in google from people doing the wrong thing. Luxury Thame Cruise
    Should be a good way to finish off the day by discussing some of the expo’s top tips. Oh yes… and beer.
    Internet Marketing Howlers Uncovered!
    And finally…this one is more for shits and giggles, as it’s good to know that even the big boys make some mistakes.

  15. kevin says:

    Thought I would be a cheecky chap and leave another comment.

    Would be great to go to learn loads and to show the southerners that us northerners can be affiliates and hopefully pave the way for more affiliate shows up north, we all don’t live in London.


  16. Jojo says:

    I would be looking forward to this sessions:
    “Landing Page Optimisation Demystified” and “How to Increase Conversions – A New Approach, based on Psychological Methods” because I would like to hear more about conversion and landingpage optimization.

  17. Owen says:

    Definatly the extreme SEO strategies, as SEO is what I do full time. It would be pretty quality to hear from people like DaveN in real life, especially as I’ve been following his blog for a while now. Also I think the Q and A format of Meet the Affiliates looks like it could be pretty good fun. Who knows what people will throw out there!

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  19. Eruke says:

    Its always an experience to hear Judith speak at conferences. I hope I get a chance to attend this conference. I will DEFINITELY attend all of Judiths sessions. She really does break it down.
    … and the thought that there just might be some chocolate makes it even better :-)

  20. I’d love to get to the A4U Expo – to hear Judith of the SEO-Chicks speak would be great – not just because she’s a chick but a very talented SEO – who brings chocolate to LondonSEO meetups :)

  21. rishil says:

    Its always good to hear the WP guru Joost De Valk speak about using WP to its max potential. As a new entrant to Affiliate Marketing, it would definitely be worth visiting the various Affiliate talks, from both a companies point of view and from an affiliates point of view.

    Actually its always good getting a refresher on SEO 101, and looks like Judiths presentation would be interesting to attend.

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  23. Claudius says:

    Hello there,
    there are so many great sessions on, I can’t wait.

    But the one’s I’m not looking forward to are “Extreme SEO Strategies for Affiliates” with 5 awesome speakers.

    Also “The Insiders Guide to Affiliate Marketing in Europe” interests me alot to get me started in affiliate marketing which I’m really getting into right now.

    Of course “WordPress SEO & Optimisation Strategies” is also very interesting to see. I just can’t wait to be there and soak up all the info :)

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  25. Alex Wong says:

    hi my name is alex wong
    my choice is day 2 super affiliate
    learning the skills of good affiliate i like that

  26. Nils says:

    I am looking forward to hear Joost De Valk – WordPress SEO & Optimisation Strategies. I hope to learn more about WordPreas and hopefully get better rankings and thereby more income from natural search.

  27. Jonathan Allen says:

    The one about Dark Side of SEO – Rob Kerry & Judith DeCabbit sounds interesting – would be nice to know the risks you can take and the consequences of going overboard.

  28. Diane says:

    I think I should attend the “SEO 101″ because it’s always good to go back to basics and see what you should be doing for start off and to see whether you can improve on the basic core work of affiliating. I know things change in the SEO world all the time and I’m sure there are things that I have been doing wrong for all these years! It’d be great to have the chance to ask a few questions to an expert in the SEO field.

  29. martin says:

    has got to be the drinking rum seesion, where i guess swifty will be found giving various talks with other affiliates enjoying a tipple and not knowing what she is talking about.

  30. John Jupp says:

    Affiliate Marketing on the Mobile Internet has got to be one of the highlights of day 1 as I am very aware of how certain payment systems via mobile are unsecure and how new innovations in payment security specifically for mobile use can make a vast difference. I particularly want to see how mobile internet is going forward and from a webmaster perspective, what requirements are needed for successful mobile internet marketing.
    Day 2 with Video in Affiliate Marketing is a definite must. I love video integration and I want to know more about monetising video.

  31. Rachael says:

    Hi There,

    I am very excited about attending A4U it will be my first event so i’m looking forward to learning new skills and putting names to faces.

    The session that I will be attending and hope to learn the most from is the ‘SEO, What’s Next? Be Good or Join The Dark Side?’

    It can be a challenge when you are first starting out to know whats good and bad, I learned this when I got a 30 day ban in google for hiding keywords oops! Luckily it didn’t effect me too bad, I corrected the naughty code and was back up within a week but I wont be doing that again!

    This session will be a good one to make sure i’m on the right track.

    I am also looking forward to the Luxury Thames Cruise :D

  32. Trond M. says:

    Hi all,

    This will be my first time attending the A4U Expo; and there are several presentations on the agenda that look very promising.

    My favourites so far are “Lead Generation: The Fastest segment in Online Advertising” and “Social Media – The Affiliate Advantage, The Law and The Future” as I would like to learn more about these aspects of affiliate marketing.

    And of course – who can resist a cruise along the Thames with beer and good company :)


    Trond M.

  33. Martin Warn says:

    Wow reading the agenda, I so want to go, I heard about last years expo and not one person has had a bad word to say about it.

    Sessions I want to goto include
    Day 1, 3pm to 4pm: Extreme SEO Strategies for Affiliates

    I watched the video from last year and this was a great session

    11:00 – 12:00 MaximiseWordPress SEO & Optimisation Strategies with Joost De Valk
    I am a big users of wordpress and have some of Joost’s plugins so will be great to hear him live.

    12:30 – 13:30 Platinum 7 MaximiseSEO 101
    As a content affiliate always want to improve my seo

    Social Media – The Affiliate Advantage, The Law and The Future

    I am a great supporter of Social Media so think this session will be great

  34. Don says:

    What a fantastic prize Kieron!

    With so many really good sessions it has been incredibly hard to make a choice but… as a Travel affiliate I would be queuing up to hear Chris and Alan launch their “revolutionary new tool for affiliates” at 3pm. I know whatever they announce should be innovative.
    For Day 2 it would have to be “Affiliate Doctors’ Live!”, with industry leaders like DaveN and MarcusT on the panel it should be a humorous session with many useful SEO optimisation tips.

  35. Hi Kieron, NEW BOY HERE!
    The Coffee & Exhibition time looks like the choice session to me! No seriously, I follow other startups closely, learning as I go along, so for me the choice pick would be David Kelly from – think the site is superb, highly involving and a great showcase that affiliate sites can be done especially well with the right team.
    Thanks Johnny

  36. Robert Baker says:

    I’m just getting started in Affiliate Marketing, on placement with a company that deals with it as part of my university course, I’d love to go to the “Meet the Super Affiliates” session!

  37. Tim Wills says:

    OK 30 mins to go to the deadline for this competition and I have decided there is no other way but to bribe my way to a ticket by the medium of cake !!

    Give me a free ticket and in return you’ll receive a large home-made Black Forest Gateaux made with Tia Maria liquor.

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  39. Taigerman says:

    Hi, what a great two days at the a4u Expo. And one of the best talks was held by Al Carltons Million Dollar Blogging. There was no reason for him to be nervous as his talk was inspirational. Did any one else catch his talk and what did you think?

    I survived having my site looked at by the Affiliate Doctors Live: Marcus Tandler, David Naylor, Chris Garrett, and Joost De Valk and 200+ attendees. I still need a lot of work to do, but after the show I am so fired up to move things forward on my sites.

    well worth the money!

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