Strawberry Revels replace Coffee Revels – the world has gone mad. Vote for your favourite here

First the Jonathan and Russell fiasco, now further evidence that the world has gone stark raving bonkers. After eating healthy for a few days now I decided I deserved a treat in the form of a little bit of chocolate to ease my craving. So I headed to the shop, picked up a bag of my favourite chocolates - Revels, and proceeded to wolf them down like they were the last sweeties on earth. A couple of mouthfuls later I noticed an odd, unexpected taste that I couldn't quite identify. It was pretty unpleasant, so I looked a bit closer at the packet to see if they were out of date. I wish they had been, as to my horror I noticed the "new sweets" flash on the packet (see pic above) along with a note that coffee had been "evicted" - due to some stupid marketing promotion - and was now replaced by a mystery flavour. So I bit the remaining Revels in half until I saw the culprit, a red Revel! Strawberry! Yuk!!! Now I like strawberry creams when you get them in boxes of Cadbury Roses etc, but the strawberry Revels are plain disgusting, horrid, rank, rancid and minging - all combined. I'm gutted. Revels are my favourite sweets ever, I even put up with the horrible toffee ones because the others are so lush. But alas I can not buy any more Revels as the strawberry ones are just disgusting beyond words. I'm very sad. On the plus side, the rumour is that coffee will make a (very) welcome return in the near future. Not soon enough, in my opinion. I'm going to have to switch to Munchies until that time. The question is, which do you prefer? Coffee or strawberry. Please vote below and tell everyone you know too! I can't be the only fan of coffee Revels out there can I? [poll=6] What I'm listening to right now: De La Soul - "3 Feet High and Rising" - best hip-hop album in the world ever?

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63 Responses to Strawberry Revels replace Coffee Revels – the world has gone mad. Vote for your favourite here

  1. Jude says:

    Neither, they are both minging!

  2. Lammo says:

    Sounds like you have the same revels faves as me mate – Coffee are the best. Don’t like the toffee ones. Stopped buying them so much when they replaced peanut (yum) with raisin (yuk), and now they’ve ditched the coffee I won’t be buying them again in a rush.

    Munchies.. mmmm haven’t had any of them for ages… can see a trip to the 24hr garage in a mo..

  3. Coffee for me, but I thought it was a great marketing promotion, I didn’t vote & had no interest in doing so, but I know it got my kids attention & they both voted. Now if they are in a shop intending to buy sweets, Revels are top of their minds…

  4. Kieron says:

    Jude – no no no.

    Lammo – I agree, I used to love the peanut ones too, and only put up with the toffee ones because the coffee and orange ones are so lush. Munchies :) Go for it mate!

  5. Elaine says:

    never could understand the coffee chocolate thing – very bizarre – like sweet and sour sauce, pulleeeze. Can we keep sweet things and savoury things completely separate – thankyou!

  6. Sorry? I did hear you say that you “put up with the horrible toffee ones”? What’s wrong with you? They are the best in the packet!

    Never really into coffee flavour, don’t like coffee fall stop, so strawberry is worth a try.

  7. Hannah Swift says:

    I have to agree with Jude, both are disgusting! I suppose if a gun was to my head i would choose coffee, but i wouldnt eat it!

    Toffee are the best!!!

  8. Silvan says:

    Don’t worry, this strawberry flavour is only in the pack for a few more months. Coffee will be back early 2009. It’s on the website (

    IMHO they should have created a mint flavour.

  9. Bob says:

    Without peanut revels how are you supposed to play Anaphylactic Roulette with a nut allergy sufferer?

  10. Pete says:

    Has to be coffee, cross-medium caffeine ingestion must always be encouraged

  11. Jude says:

    bleurgh – you’re all mad! For me Revels are the last choccy fix resort when the cinema has run out of minstrels- mmmm minstrels… now that’s a proper load of chocolate loveliness :o )

  12. Steve says:

    Swapping coffee for strawberry? Madness! That’s like getting Larry Grayson to star as the next James Bond!.

    Happy to accept your toffee revels, I quite like them, just don’t send me anything with nuts in, bleaurgh :-(

  13. Jess says:

    coffee revels should’ve been banned from the outset!

  14. Joff says:

    I suppose that’s one way to win favour for the coffee ones – replace it a strawberry Revel that’s just plain disgusting!

    I’m not a regular Revel consumer but I’ll have to give them a miss now until they get over this moment of madness.

  15. Derek says:

    REVELS !!!! What do there think there doing taking the coffee one out, if any there should have taking the raisin or the malteaser one out insted.
    I really dont think i will be buying these again in the near future i a think there went down hill.COFFEE and ORANGE is the best ones in the REVELS big bags …

  16. Stephanie says:

    Coffee Revels are the worst sweets ever…there should be a law against them! I havnt tried the strawberry ones yet tho!

  17. I switched to Mars Planets about 2 months ago and never looked back!

  18. Ruby Web says:

    They shouldn’t have replaced the coffee ones, these should have just added to the product range. Dammit!

  19. John. says:

    Neither are nice to be honest, i’ll stick with Malteasers & Minstrels.

  20. P says:

    the toffee ones are gross, they should have went.. coffee revels were the best good thing ther cmin bk :)

  21. Justin says:

    Coffee = yum. Strawberry = poppet. Toffee = yuck, get rid of it.

  22. MaudBoggins says:

    The coffee ones are beyond disgustng – I was very happy to see them go. They won’t be gone forever though, unfortunately.

    If they could keep the strawberry one, and reintroduce the peanut one (which they should never have got rid of in the first place), I’d be very pleased.

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  24. Wardy says:

    They have to get Coffee back or how will any of us ever beat any Chinese people at Revels Roulette like in the advert :)

  25. James says:

    Coffee is a vile substance at the best of times, but never worse than when surrounded by chocolate. It is not a sweet, any more than tea is. Whoever first thought of putting something normally made for drinking into a sodding chocolate should have been hanged. Those who like coffee revels are obviously as stupid as those who first made coffee sweets. I think it’s something in the genes that makes them like coffee, intended to show normal humans which ones should be first for the atomiser chambers.

  26. Ram says:

    Revels coffee is absolutely rank! How could so many people want it back. Strawberry isn’t great either. My all time face used to be COCONUT – YUMMY!!!. Why didn’t they bring it back!

    I used to love revels when there was no coffee….. stay away coffee – but bring back COCONUT!

  27. Ram says:

    PS. The vending machine at work is full of the old revels… with the old coffee flavour. No -one touches them. All maltesers and minstrels nearly all gone !

    Proves a point – keep coffee out!
    I agree peanut was also a good revel!

  28. alex says:

    all i care about is coffee is coming back,so

  29. Dany says:

    The coffee ones were my favourite, the toffee ones are just, annoying, the peanut ones were great but this new strawberry one is just bad.

  30. ali says:

    i just KNEW coffee would be voted out.. whoever i speak to hates the coffee flavour.. its my favourite though.. i love coffee and orange (although i find the orange gets a bit sickly after a while, no?!) Well as if that wasn’t bad enough they bring in stawberry.. i mean seriously WTF? They might as well just brand Revels ‘Roses’ now.. The strawberry is horribly sickly sweet.. Yuck Yuck Yuck!!

    Until the coffee comes back i will be switching to twirls or something safe like that! xx

  31. sam says:

    how dare they take coffee out, they are the best ones, i don’t think there are enough in to start with, i could eat a full bag of coffee revels. I think it was a fix from the start. what is it with all these companies gettin it in thier heads that people hate coffee, you can’t even get coffee wallnut wips anymore. I WILL NOT BE EATTING REVELS UNTIL COFFEE IS BACK, OR UNTIL THEY MAKE A BAG OF JUST COFFEE, An believe me i usually spend a lot of money on revels.

  32. Jacob says:

    GUYS DONT WORRY IS AW IN LIKE 30 SHOPS THEY HAD REVELS NOT THE NEW PACKET PLAIN ONE AND IT WILL BE BK EARLY 2009 U CANS TILL GET THEM AND WHO NEEDS MALTESERS NEXT TIME THEERS A EVICTION IM VOTIN MALTESER OUT U CAN BUY IT FROM THE SHOp starwberry is lush! but read on the back of the enw revel pack coffee is having a couple more weeks holiday in Revel Coffee Land With The Other Coffees He Will Return Januarary 2009

  33. Julie says:

    I just popped to the shop for some milk and decided to treat myself to some Revels. I was eating one and couldn’t make out what flavour it was at all, just that it tasted disgusting! I happen to really like the coffee ones and will now be boycotting Revels until coffee gets re-instated.

  34. Mark says:

    Sorry but I can’t vote for either coffee or strawberry
    In my humble opinion they have never been as good as the original ones:-
    Chocolate counters, Maltesers, Toffee, Peanut, Orange & Coconut
    Can we start a campaign to bring back the original ones please ?
    As for people been allergic to nuts, nearly everything you buy now has a “get out clause” on the bag “may contain traces of nuts” anyway, so it wouldn’t make any difference to nut allergy sufferers.

  35. big boy says:

    i think that the coffee were the best and should be brought back for xmas as u can buy all the others seperate so if u duna like the coffee ones DUNA BUY REVELS

  36. Kritter says:

    get rid of the strawberry & raisins..bring back coffee …and how about mint instead of strawberry??

  37. Kate says:

    I had to use google to find out what the mystery flavour was because it doesn’t taste anything like strawberry (I was eating in the dark so couldn’t see what colour it was). Totally sickly, gross and nowhere near as good as coffee.

  38. janet says:

    OMg !!! coffeee was my favourite and raison is puke so revels have lost my sales now coz its gay mate !

  39. rabbitroo says:

    I just bought Revels and there was no strawberry and lots of coffee. Ugh.
    I was so disheartened I started conducting experiments on counter Revels – check it out.

  40. emma says:

    strawberry is lush im eating revelsright now but chuck them away cuz coffee is disgusting yuck get rid of coffee now!

  41. Bex says:

    I thought it was their best move when they changed those peanut things with raisen but I was wrong this is there best move!! The coffee were horrible I really like the new strawberry ones now just to get them rank toffee ones out and they’ll be perfect!!

  42. r0salit0 says:

    they should take the raisin ones out and keep the strawberry as the raisin ones u can buy separate as a bag of “choc covered raisins”……..also the malteser ones are pointless as they are sold separately as well!

  43. Nats says:

    I had a packet of revels yesterday and i was shocked that the coffee one had been replaced – its the best one! I think its more of a ‘mystery’ as to why they would take the coffee one out and put in strawberry!! Not only are they disgusting but the strawberry flavour seems to taint all the other sweets in the packet. I was annoyed when they replaced the peanut with raisins but to replace coffee with strawberry is the final straw!!!

  44. Kiran says:

    Raisins are rubbish – I’m sure they used to have them anyway. PEanuts were poor too.

    Coffee were my favs and toffee ones too – i’m literally eating a packet now at work that i just bought and i can’t believe they’ve totally wrecked my afternoon!

  45. naomi mullan says:

    I cant believe that the coffee ones are out!! i bought a packet last nite and didnt enjoy them one little bit, no coffee or nuts and those new one are discusting, they dont even taste of anythin. bring back the old revels or ill not be purchasing again.

  46. sarah mclaughlin says:

    i just bought a packet, the ones with the new flavour as we were intrigued to find out what the mystery flavour was. I discovered it was a not very strong strawberry flavour, in fact the only way i could tell it was strawberry was the pinkish colour inside. Hardly any flavour at all, which is good, as i don’t really like strawberry flavoured choc sweets. But i do love the coffee ones, so please don’t keep them strawberry for long! Bring back the coffee!!

  47. Jack says:

    coffe ftw, why did they take it out it was like best one

  48. graham says:

    i dont think the new revel has any taste at all especially not strawberry as i love any strawberry sweeties and that is not strawberry!

  49. liv w says:

    REVELS are AWESOME i ate one pack of the family size each day for a week and it was the best week of my life =P made me rather out of pocket though. i say coffee added the kick the revels needs now they just taste like cotton candy in a ball >_< grrr

  50. dale russell says:

    what are you doing coffee is the best bring back

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