Think Visibility Conference – March 7th 2009

The Think Visibility conference in Leeds on March 7th 2009 is aimed at webmasters and site owners who have built a site or application and want to know what to do next.

"While many conferences focus on producing and designing the website, we will be discussing and talking about what comes next; how to get traffic and how to convert it, as well as and looking at revenue streams for your website or app."

I will be giving a talk about Affiliate Marketing, including a brief introduction to this method of monetisation (many of the attendees are affiliate virgins) along with some hints and tricks of the trade I've gained over my 9 or so years in this field. Along with myself, the rest of the supercar lads will be there, namely Dave Naylor, Patrick Altoft and Al Carlton. Other speakers include Tim Nash, Tom Critchlow and Katie Lips. So what makes this conference better than the usual ones we see happening "down South" all the time? Well for one, it's "up North" in sunny Leeds to be precise so no more getting your passport out to head down to the smog. It's also full of really cool people speaking, and not just some figure heads from various "New Media Digital Agencies" who are guaranteed to bore you rigid. It's also on a Saturday so anyone with a "real" job doesn't have to pull a sicky to attend. Plus you can have a lie in the next day nursing your hangover from the after-party. Oh, and also, it's only a couple of days before my birthday on the 9th, so there's another excuse reason to party in Leeds. But best of all it's only £30 to attend! The Hodge must have been in a particularly generous mood when setting the ticket prices, what a bargain. The bad news is that it is only limited to 100 places and at the time of writing there are only 32 tickets left. So head on over now and grab a ticket before it's too late. UPDATE: It's 4.20pm on Tuesday December 30th and there are only 15 tickets left. This is going to sell out real soon! UPDATE 2: Sorry tickets are now all sold out. What I'm listening to right now: Maxwell - "Whenever Wherever Whatever"

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8 Responses to Think Visibility Conference – March 7th 2009

  1. hannah swift says:

    Should be a great event! I know the effort Dom has been putting into it! I hope I can make it (if only for a drunken talk with Dom – funny guy!)


  2. BunnyBingo says:

    This sounds ideal to me – i like the A4U events, but its always good to get a different perspective! Its worth the 30 just to hear Dave Naylor!! ( and yourself Kieron!! ;-) )

  3. Thanks Kieron, Hannah and “Bunny”..

    Its going to be a fun event, and we’ve only got 20 tickets left… thats enough of the hard sell..

    The ticket price was a little ambitious but thats to be explained in a blog post of my own further down the line :) .

    I’m really happy with the response so far (only a few complaints!) and we will see how this goes, we might have something else lined up if this doesnt go tits up ;)

  4. Craig Adams says:

    Cheers for the heads up Kieron. I’m not far from Leeds (Sheffield), so booked a ticket for me and a friend. Would be nice to meet you also! Thanks!

  5. gadget says:

    Unfortunately they’ve sold out. Anyone got any spares?

  6. Kieron says:

    Hi Gadget, indeed they have – I did try to give everyone fair warning that they would go quick. If Dominic manages to release any more tickets I’ll post on here.

  7. gadget says:

    I think the combination of it being up North, great speakers and just 30 meant that 100 tickets was never going to be enough. Here’s hoping for a bigger venue next year!

  8. Lets get this one done and then we can start talking about bigger venues ;)

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