Think Visibility rocked

It was Think Visibility in Leeds last Saturday and I thought it was about time I thanked Dom for putting on a fantastic event. Places were limited to 100 which meant it had a really nice atmosphere and there were plenty of opportunities to speak to and meet lots of new and interesting people. It was quite possibly the only conference that I've ever been to where I attended every single session possible - usually I get bored and only attend a few. However, the quality of the speakers was fantastic and they were all highly entertaining. Thanks to everyone who came and spoke to me after my talk and gave me feedback and their opinions. Thanks for your emails too. I promise I will reply to each and every one of them. A few people have asked if I will be putting my presentation online, unfortunately the answer is no. As this was a relatively "small" conference it was always my intention to share some stuff that I normally wouldn't in public, hence the slides with some stats and figures on them and real-life examples of affiliate campaigns that have done well. There will be another Think Visibility event on September 12th, so put the date in your diary! Finally - here are some great writeups of the conference by various attendees. Elaine Hoboweb Chris Dirk Polr Dave Rats saw God Floating Frog Dan Joanna Tom SEOmoz Rahoul Andrew Alistair Patrick Andrew Andy Paul What I'm listening to right now: Katie Pearl – "Love Universal"

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  3. That’s great. Thanks for sharing all the writeups about the event.

  4. accounts says:

    Great piece Kieron. You’ve made it a lot easier for those intending to be at the event.

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  6. Im going to remember to attend the next one! I remembered about it at about 10pm on the Saturday night!! Doh!

  7. Saw some presentation from the conference and think it was worth coming. Nice Kieron

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