Bring Spotify to the USA – America needs free music!

Bring Spotify to the USA! Today sees the launch of the campaign to bring Spotify to our American cousins across the pond. If you don't yet know what Spotify is all about then, here is my review. Of course you may well at this point be asking why do this? Well the reason is that every day I get emails to from people in the USA asking if I have any Spotify invites for them. They’ve seen some of the great press that Spotify is getting and understandably want a piece of the action. Newsweek and Wired have also written articles on why Spotify is awesome and should be brought to the USA. Unfortunately Spotify isn’t available in the USA…yet. So I thought it would be good to set up a Facebook group so that we can get together a bunch of support to demonstrate the demand for Spotify to get a release in the USA. I asked Spotify if they would comment on why they haven't launched in the USA, and when they plan to. Here was their response:

"Our dream is to one day make Spotify available everywhere in the world and we're working hard to make that dream a reality. We've been bowled over by the interest we've received from music fans across the pond and the day we launch in the US will be a very special one indeed. As soon as we have more information we'll be sure to let you all know. Happy listening and good luck with the campaign!"

I’m a firm believer that Spotify is the future of music, so the more people and countries that embrace it, the more support we will get from the music industry. Which in turn will lead to a greater choice of artists and music available for us all…for free. In honour of all things USA, enjoy these American themed Spotify playlists :) College Rock Americana Harley Davidson Music Country and Americana Failed Muso's History Of New York The Sarah Palin Playlist Let's make this happen guys, please lend your support to the cause and tell everybody you know to join the Bring Spotify to the USA – Facebook Group. Power to the people!!

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2 Responses to Bring Spotify to the USA – America needs free music!

  1. Yeah, now that doesn’t offer free music any more I think I’ll have to find some new service. And I will even if it means using proxies all the time.

  2. Free musics where its at. They use to have ruckus player which offered free music downloads to college students, but that shut down. I hope this site comes to the states!


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