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I frequently receive emails from affiliates asking for advice, and on occasion I receive the odd pitch for new ideas. Earlier this year, Steve Kenny contacted me to see if I would be interested to take part in a new project of his. Steve had contacted me a couple of times in the past with some questions as a newcomer to affiliate marketing, and as always, I try to answer as many questions as I can. However, Steve has come up with an idea to take things one step further … … and I’m happy to announce that I will be taking part to help people out. What’s it all about? Questions and answers to put it simply. With a majority of the proposed doctors completely unknown to Steve, he pitched a number of well respected industry experts (and me) in a range of fields such as SEO, general affiliate marketing, PPC, copywriting and blogging to see whether they would be interested in becoming an ‘Affiliate Doctor’. Whether you’re completely new to affiliate/online marketing in general, or a seasoned pro looking for a different viewpoint, you can submit your questions to the ‘Clinic’ and have the Affiliate Doctors give you their honest opinion. For those a little braver, you can take it one step further - the ‘Surgery’. Here you can submit your site and have the doctors give a critique, suggesting ways in which you can improve or optimise it in areas such as design, SEO, copy, conversion and linking. All questions and site critiques will be posted in the relevant section of the site. Why is it so cool? It’s free. You have unprecedented access to some of the most respected people in the industry, and you will be getting specific, highly relevant advice that is directly related to your problem. With a top line up of Docs, you can expect feedback from the following people: Al Carlton (Blogging, SEO, Outsourcing) Chris Clarkson (General, Merchant) Frank Paul (SEO, General, Domainer) John Lamerton (General, Blogging, Content) Kier Marston (Webgains Affiliate Network) Kieron Donoghue (General, SEO, Blogging, Twitter) Kirsty McCubbin (PPC, Copywriting, SEO) Mark Russell (Existem Affiliate Management Agency) Patrick Altoft (SEO, Blogging, General) Shane Robinson (PPC, General, SEO) To maximise the benefit, try to be as specific as you can with any questions/sites submitted, and where possible, put it into context with some background info to help us answer your questions as fully as we can. More info can be found in the About and FAQ sections, so do take a minute to have a look. If you have any burning questions that you would like any of us to take a look at, mosey on over and Ask a Doctor now. WhatI'm listening to right now: General 80's/90's Goodness

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  1. Great idea Kieron, great spread of expertise on the panel too.
    I just had a look at the site, what’s the difference between the ‘clinic’ and ‘surgery’ sections.

  2. Mike says:

    Hi, Great idea and think it’ll really take off. I’ve submitted a question to the clinic and one of my sites to the surgery. Wanted to get in quick as I think you’ll soon have a backlog of submissions with such as good panel of experts.
    Wish I’d thought of it!

  3. Now that is a good idea and if it becomes popular, it should turn into a great resource for affliate markerting.

  4. Steve K says:

    Great to have you on board Kieron and thanks for the support!

  5. Steve K says:

    Hi Stephen, glad you like the site.

    The Clinic is the place for general Q&A. Readers submit a question based on any issues they may be having/opinions they’re looking for, and the docs will provide answers according to their areas of expertise.

    The Surgery is the place for readers to submit a website for critique (their own sites obviously!), and the docs will provide detailed suggestions on how the reader can optimise and improve their site.

    Hope that helps.

  6. Jim says:

    Great website Kieron. The one thing that really stood out to me though was how you’re characeture makes you look 10 years younger…you sly dog you!


  7. used tires says:

    I really like this concept! I can see why you would post the questions asked publicly, but it would be nice to have some sort of privacy feature on the website, where if your question is simple enough, you can request for it not to be published live. Maybe that feature could be a “pay” feature? Just a thought…

    Till then,


  8. Al Fox says:

    Wonderful idea this and very commendable that all you guys are giving your time on this. Good luck.

  9. Steve K says:

    Hi Jean.

    It depends on whether you’re referring to the Clinic or Surgery?

    Clinic questions do not have to have the site named, but it’s obviously helpful to readers if you do. If you have a specific question related to a particular site, you can request that it isn’t named and we will anonymise it in the answer.

    If it’s a Surgery submission, you will need to name the site, otherwise it would be of no benefit to readers as a learning experience.

    I completely take your concerns on board though and everything is at a very early stage for now, so appreciate the feedback.

  10. used tires says:

    Thanks for the reply back to me Steve, that makes alot more sense now, looking forward to seeing the website develop, I really see alot of potential for it :)

    Best of luck,


  11. Stuart says:

    Great idea for a site, I am sure it will do well. I have submitted a question, looking forward to seeing the response

  12. gadget says:

    Great idea. I wish you all the very best.

  13. Excellent idea really. All the very best from my side as well.

  14. It’s an excellent move and it will help we all newbies in finding answers in one place.

  15. Steve K says:

    Thanks for all the kind comments. All your quesions have been received and will shortly be going out to the docs for review ;-)

  16. This sounds like an incredible oportunity for all newbies out there. People who are just starting might need a lot of advice and blog posts on the subject can often be conflicting.

  17. You guys are onto a good thing here! Services like yours will serve to lower the barrier to entry into the affiliate marketing game to many individuals, and this will just be good for everybody involved. Great idea, and best of luck with your endeavours!

  18. Brate says:

    Excellent idea really. All the very best from my side as well.

  19. This is superb idea. I was not aware of this before

  20. It’s an awesome idea! Great for affiliate marketing newbies and a great promotion for you guys. Plus it’d be nice to hear opinions from experts in different fields. Good job.

  21. Cash Back says:

    Very good idea for a site. I just submitted my site for surgery. I’m sure there will be many sites submitted with a big backlog in no time. Hopefully I’m not too late as I just found this post now.

  22. Steve K says:

    Thanks for your submission. Rest assured it’s in for the next round of reviews ;-)

  23. Cash Back says:

    Sweet! I look forward to it. Thanks a lot Steve & everyone else at Affiliate Doctors. You’re the best!

  24. Great affiliate marketing Information! This really helpful to newbie.

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