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As I mentioned in my 2010 Goals blog post the other day I have decided to sell my longest standing affiliate site, The reason I'm selling is that I really need to cut down on the amount of sites that I run as I can't devote enough time to them. For example, was last updated over 6 months ago in June 2009. Despite that though, it still earned 31k in profit during 2009, more of that below. Launched in 2002, was my first attempt at an affiliate site. It originally started as an online shopping directory, I then used it to create landing pages and price comparison for PPC campaigns. Then a couple of years ago I switched off all PPC and converted it into a voucher code/offers site. Google seems to like "aged" domains and over the years this has fared me well in terms of search engine rankings and traffic. Some stats 2009 total unique visitors: 293,033 2009 total page views: 509,062 2009 total commission from affiliate programmes: £31,006 3075 inbound links according to Yahoo! Site Explorer Selling price In terms of a selling price/valuation, well that's a tough one. How to value a website? Depending on who you ask the typical answer will be anything between a 1 year and 5 year multiple of annual profits. So in my case that means somewhere between £31,006 and £155,030. I've decided to go somewhere just below the middle and 2 years profits. So £62k is the selling price. Potential I genuinely think that the site can easily, yes easily earn £100k a year and more. If it made £31k with only 6 months worth of (infrequent) updating then just think what the site can do if somebody puts some effort into it and posts say 5 or more good offers/discounts a day - easily achievable btw. The other thing to mention is that the £31k it generated was from affiliate commission only. There is also a huge opportunity to sell banner spots and paid placements (such as the Top 5 "Hot Offers"). I would say anything between £3k to £10k can be made from these. Years ago, when I was sending PPC traffic to the old I could make £30k a month on tenancy/ad sales deals so I know what's achievable. Will I do a revenue share deal? I've already been emailed by a few people to see if I would be interested in a partnership where they take over the day-to-day running of the site and we split the profit. While I don't mind these kind of deals I'm afraid that in this instance it's just not for me. So a full sale only please. Finally, here's a look back at some earlier blog posts that show just what's achievable with the site. Alexandra Burke crashed my server. How to capitalise on topical and one-off events - This is a post I wrote in December 2008 and shows how well ranks in the search engine results and the effects that can have on traffic. Click here to reveal discount codes - why I will probably adopt this practice on my discount code site - I've never adopted the "click and reveal" approach on the site but if I did I think I could increase revenues dramatically. Kieron, how do you find special offers to feature on your site? - One of my most asked questions. This post shows how easy it is. Kieron, why don’t your remove your old discount codes? - Because they make good money, is the short answer. If anybody is interested then please drop me an email to info @ I have a spreadsheet of revenue and traffic split by month for 2009 that I would be happy to send you. Likewise if you have any questions then please drop me a line or leave a comment below. What I'm listening to right now: J Holiday - "Round Two"

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  1. Elaine says:

    Good Luck with this Kieron – if I had the time I’d certainly be looking into this further – sounds like a really good deal to me

  2. Wardy says:

    Good luck with the sale mate. I remember UKOffer as one of the first sites all those years ago having a link exchange with. Great to see how the site has stood on it’s own feet this last year, show’s it’s been well made!

  3. Dave says:

    Good luck with the sale, it’s amazing what can be achieved with an established domain. Just wish I could afford it!

  4. It’s really good amount of money for me to buy it. I hope someone lucky will be owner of it.

  5. Dom Hodgson says:

    My offer is still on the table

  6. Good luck with the sale. Our uniques and views very similar. Buyer can easily make 100k by 2011. Maybe I can win it off you in Vegas :)

  7. There is some serious value on offer here, and I’m surprised that somebody hasn’t snatched this one up yet. I suppose 31K is not money that every aspiring entrepreneur has got lying around, but the risk is very low if you work this site.

  8. When we bought a site from you last time Keiron – your stats we spot on and the site did exactly what you predicted.

    Good luck with the sale. Sure this will be a good buy to someone. We have also sent you an email.

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  10. Damn, if only I’d seen this sooner might have save me a whole lotta hassle setting my own site up from scratch…

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