Think Visibilty is nearly here

This year's Think Visibility conference is on the 4th September in Leeds and tickets are only £119.


Think Vis is one of my most favourite conferences for lots of reasons. They don't have the usual suspects that you see touted around at other SEO conferences. In fact it's not an SEO conference (thank goodness) at all. The whole idea of Think Vis is that it's about how to get your website more visible (geddit?) via not only SEO but PR, monetisation and other good stuff. There's even a session from PR expert Karyn Fleeting entitled "Launching your site with proper PR" which I think will be fascinating. No pressure Karyn ;) I'm on a panel too I'll be part of the Site Clinic where I will be advising site owners on monetisation of their sites. These types of clinic are always really good and when I've done them in the past at the A4U Expo they've been well received. If you're a ticket holder you will have been given the chance to submit your site for review, thanks to those who have applied so far, I'll be having a look over the submissions next week in preparation for the conference. There are only a few tickets left so grab one before it's too late. Think Visibility is deliberately a small scale conference so there's no need to feel intimidated by large conference halls and lots of people milling about. Maybe it's because this is a Northern conference and we're all friendly folk but there is always a really good atmosphere at the event. Think Visibility Fringe "Conference" Like all good conferences there is always an offshoot conference. This can be found every year during breaks and lunchtime etc. in the local Pizza Express round the corner where they sell Peroni, I'll be there throughout the day too :) So what more do you want? Get your tickets now! What I'm listening to right now: The Think Visibility Playlist!

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4 Responses to Think Visibilty is nearly here

  1. Yikes, no pressure at all… ;)

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  3. bikes says:

    Unfortunately I missed TV this year. Other than the obvious, your session, how was it this year?

    Do you have anything special planned for the a4u Expo next month?

  4. p90x reviews says:

    Think Visibilty sounds like a great event, I hope that you will give a detailed update of how the event goes.

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