Come and see me at the a4uexpo London for free!

The a4uexpo London is the biggest and best affiliate marketing conference in the UK and it's just over a week away. Running from the 12th to 14th October it's 2 days full of networking, conferences, presentations and parties. If you're doing anything online at all then you need to be there. On Day 2 I'll be running a session entitled "Making it Happen : On a Shoe String Budget" with Dixon Jones from Receptional. In this session I'll be talking about how to get traffic to your site for little or no money drawing on my 10 years in the affiliate sector. Couples with Dixon's cracking SEO tips I'm sure it will be a help to any site owner. Win a ticket worth £395 The a4uexpo team have generously given me 1 ticket to give away to a lucky winner. All you need to do is tell me in the comments below what session you would most like to see and why you should win the ticket. I’ll give the winning ticket to the most creative and entertaining answer some time after the closing date of 5pm Friday 8th October 2010. The competition is open to affiliates only, no network or agency staff please. Good luck! What I'm listening to right now: The xx - "VCR (Matthew Dear Remix)"

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  1. Denis says:

    The seminar I really want to see is Making it Happen : On a Shoe String Budget.

    Because, when theres just one of you and when youre holding down a day job when youve got no budget and when you cant afford to go to the one expo that can actually make a difference thats when you deserve a ticket … to hear from those whove done it all before.

    If I had a ticket, Id get to learn more about the 10 Things They Dont Teach You in Affiliate Business School how to be a traffic expert, not just in one discipline but in them all content, link building, SEO, offline promotion and more.

    Heres hoping I win a ticket

  2. Matt Bailey says:

    The session I’d most like to see is Affiliate Is Dead; Long Live Partner Based Performance Marketing by Matt Bailey. He is one of the best speakers I’ve ever seen and the session looks really interesting.

    I would recommend that everyone else goes to see him too. Please…

  3. Neil says:

    For me it would be the ‘make it happen session’, this is mainly because the barrier to entry in affiliate marketing is seen as more difficult as the industry has developed over the years but if people just got into what they were interested in they would be surprised at their success. Even just starting a blog about a particular niche sector they would see that natural search really isn’t that difficult, obviously basic keyword research is required but you have to do some work!

    The analytics session will be an excellent follow on from the ‘make it happen’ session as long as its not too high brow i.e. custom variables in GA are not really applicable to 80% of the aff market.

    If I had the ticket I’m hoping it would inspire me to do more with my sites!

  4. Richard says:

    I think the session that I’d most like to see is “The Affiliate Virgin – from Hobby to Start-up” by Michelle Dewberry, because I think it would be great to get an insight into the development and progress of her sites, and how she is driving them forwards. The fact that she might be a bit lush probably also sways the fact too!

    If I had a ticket then it would mean I could go and see the sessions that will hopefully give me the kick up the bottom that I need, and eventually result in me buying my girlfriend the white R8 she so desperately wants :)

    Fingers crossed haha!

  5. Roz says:

    Got to be ’20 Social Media Tools & 20 WordPress Plugins to Boost Your Performance’, anything that can help save time and make it easier to earn those hard to get affiliate bucks is a must to listen to.
    .No amount money can buy the vast range of expert knowledge on show over the 2 days at the expo so winning this ticket is priceless for getting near to my goal of becoming a successful affiliate.

  6. Making it Happen : On a Shoe String Budget has got to be the session to attend for anyone looking at dipping their toes into affiliate marketing. In these recessionary times and with jobs and pay so tight, people are looking for a steady regular income alternative but have little investment capital.

    Helping this new lifeblood into the industry is vital to the long term growth of affiliate marketing so this session is an integral part of supporting that process.

  7. Lucy says:

    I’d really (really) like to see you at “Making It Happen: On A Shoestring Budget”. This is so what we are doing with out website and we are just having a heap of fun doing it.
    In return I promise to show you all the mobile phone pics I took of Cheryl Cole when we were invited to her private dinner at Nobu for the launch of her de Grisogono range (*I heartily recommend 5 inch metal spike heels for making sure Papps move out the way!) L

  8. It seems that a lot of conventions are happening this month. Murray Newlands is also having his own conference “social media marketing” done frequently, and Aaron Wall, Todd Malicoat and Jim Boykin will also be here (in the Philippines) on the 7th and 8th for the SEMCON. Pretty interesting month for networking I presume.

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  10. Can’t see you on the agenda…hav u got the right expo ha!ha! Hav I got the right expo!!. Seriously though I quite fancy a few of the presentations…fav to date would be Setting Up Your Own Link Building Network. Reason I should win ticket is easy…I missed thinkvisibility due to problem of holiday flight times and poss divorce if missed flight so would love chance to chat and gain contacts and knowledge.

  11. oops see u now..bit of a blonde moment…

  12. a4uexpo is the place to go,
    this ticket would certainly not be a no show,
    working in the industry of SEO,
    I have a huge desire to know,
    this would be much better than watching a televsion show,
    so give me go, and let me come to the show,
    The best bit for me would be the advanced anayltics affiliates from tom critchlow!!

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  14. Gavin Lilley says:

    I would really like to attend your session “Making it Happen : On a Shoe String Budget” for an number of reasons.

    First of all I am a northerner and a self confessed tight wad. This session is right there up my street and if I ever get the chance in the future to present probably the title I would choose.

    Secondly, I really enjoyed your session last year – I literally walked out of the session, switched on my laptop and made a change to my blog right there in the halls using the free wifi!

    Thirdly, I did get a chance to ask any questions about white range rovers and really really would like to ask about car cleanliness if I get chance.

  15. Elaine says:

    I’d love to attend Making it Happen : On a Shoe String Budget – to see where I went right :) and then next year I can present ‘Attending conferences on a shoe string budget’ – much needed ;)
    Have a good one :)

  16. Annette says:

    The entire event promises to be a palatable delight of affiliate bites of mammoth sized proportions.

    I would seize the opportunity to savour the offerings of Finance is Back, from by Carla Arrindell (OMG) and David McDermott (Mindshare). Why? I am passionate about empowerment through financial literacy, coupled with the possibilities and opportunities made possible by Affiliate Marketing.

    I would love to win because the event promises to be a food for thought banquet. Furthermore, I relish the opportunity to meet the needs of a hungry crowd (pre-qualified traffic), with a quality menu of an enhanced user experience.

    Moreover, I am a newbie affiliate marketer. Hence, I believe that I can offer a fruitful perspective to the industry.

  17. Paul Smith says:

    Dear Mr Donoghue, I write purely to play to your ego
    You have a free a4uexpo pass, and Id like it if youd let me go
    In return Ill buy you beer, I might even polish your shoes
    A fair trade if I do say, so please give me some good news…

    Tell me that Im going, that I can meet the man himself
    That talented Mr Donoghue, wholl help me tame the Xmas Elves
    Christmas is upon us, and children they will sing
    We need to bring in traffic, we need to do it on a shoe-string

    My gift site keeps on growing, I think were doing well
    But learning from Mr Donoghue, I just think that would be swell
    To learn from the master, whos blog I read every day
    (Well I did say I was boosting your ego), Im just hoping that you will say…

    Yes Mr Smith, this ticket is yours, Ill teach you what I know
    Ill pass on all my knowledge, to the a4uexpo you will go
    Youll learn from me and clean my shoes, even learn from all my mates
    For we are the super affiliates and well help make your gift site great!

  18. Paul says:

    As a recent entrant to the affiliate world i would love this ticket .

    I would like to see the session Online Marketing 2020

    I have learned that this business is about thinking outside the box and getting ahead of the posse, just as you did all those years ago.
    This session would help me see whats coming down the tracks and help me get a head start on the competition by following through on what i hear at the show.
    The next day I would visit your session Making it Happen : On a Shoe String Budget , cos no traffic no customers..!!

    Then hopefully when 2020 does come i will be giving away a ticket to a4uexpo myself :)

  19. Steffen says:

    After failing several times and still failing in a lot of areas, I am making some money online but definitely need some advice and input on how to monetize traffic and actually build a “brand” instead of just an affiliate website.

    On each day there is actually one session which I think will be just awesome:
    Day 1: Negative SEO: Online Nightmares Come True
    Day 2: Making it Happen : On a Shoe String Budget

    I have been at A4u in 2008 in was a blast; the conference, the people and the city. Since I iive in Germany I have only been once to the UK and that needs to be changed and hopefully in combination with A4U.

    Looking forward to A4U and a talk with you. :-)

  20. Chris King says:

    I would like to attend Making it Happen: On a Shoe String Budget as..

    Kieron Im your biggest fan & I really want to meet The Legend of the North for both Personal & Business reasons.


    Youth – Ive heard that you look much younger in person than you do in the photos. That means you must be even more youthful & gorgeous than your online persona portrays. Lets face it for someone with so much experience I cant believe how young you look. If we meet at Expo can you tell me the secret to eternal youth & what metrosexual products you use.

    North – Youre from up North & Ive heard that all the best people working in online are from that neck of the woods. My manor in Saff London is full of geezers, vagabonds & misfits…so I dont get to meet many of you Northern intellectual types. In fact, I dont really get North very often at all. If I met you, however, I would make an exception & head North of the Thames to meet you.

    Music – Interestingly, we share a broad middle ground when it comes to music…House, Hip Hop, Soul, Funk etc. Of more interest, however, is that after that middle ground we break out into radically different directions. I never knew until recently that you used to DJ (as I did) & Im guessing that through Share My Playlists you appreciate diversity. Im so into diversity (it comes with living in Saff Londond) look we can sit down & share music. I will listen to all of your R&B from the past 20 years – as its a genre Im not that familiar with. Your bonus (I think thats what you would call it..Brucey Bonus even) is to get to listen to all of my Detroit, Chicago & European techno from the mid-90s. Think Boing Boom Tschak 140BPM+ with some really hard & heavy beats.


    4 x 4s. Ive heard youre a big fan of 4 x 4s. Im also a big fan of them as fact I would like to see more of them in London. I mean who needs Boris Bikes, when clearly so many people see the need to have a 4 x 4 in central London. I think we really should have had 4 x 4 hubs. Big, big bays of them in the streets. Pop along to one.. put 50 in a meter & then drive around central London for an hour. Im thinking like.. incentives such as pay less for less people in the 4 x 4. So if there is only one of you in the 4 x 4 you pay 20…but if there is 4 people 100 & if there is 8 then you pay 1,000. What we really need is an out of town perspective on this & when we meet at Expo we can put a business plan together.

    Passion. I know in the past on many different occasions you have said that do something you are passionate about in online & there is a good chance you will succeed. I remember having this discussion with you a few years ago. In fact, you were the first inspiration & person I spoke to about what I what my real passion was & what I wanted to do. Life at the time was more than comfortable for me. I had a well paid job, working with great people, in a fantastic industry. It had its downs & things that I struggled to cope with, such as a) entertaining business partners/affiliates b) hospitality at Arsenal matches c) watching England play cricket in a box at Lords. It all came back to that word though passion. I decided to make a break for my passion. Via two of my other passions India & travelling.

    Publisher. Im now back & Im on a shoe string budget. All my cash has gone on travelling the magnificent sub-continent of India & investing in my business. That business passion we discussed a while ago goes live in November. I know a few things about online but would really like that ticket to get a refresher of whats going on today. As you know Publishing is quite a tricky place to be at the moment, especially if you have a slight budget. With my knowledge & what I could learn at Expo, however, I just might be able to make this business on a shoe string business a success.

    OK. So this post is loaded with truth, sarcasm & maybe some humour. Is it Creative & Entertaining…Ill let you be the judge of that.

  21. you could put chris the stalker as ur badge name..sorry only teasing…

  22. Gareth says:

    After failing many times and still failing in a lot of other areas, I am making some cash online but really need some advice and input on how to monetize traffic better and actually build a brand instead of just a crap affiliate website.

    On each day there is one session which I think will be just the bollox:

    Day 1: Negative SEO: Online Nightmares Come True
    Day 2: Making it Happen : On a Shoe String Budget

    I went A4u in 2009 in was a great; the conference, the people and the city. Since I live in the North East I have only been once to London and that needs to be changed and hopefully in conjunction with A4U.

    Hopefully see you at A4U big boy ;)

  23. Chris King says:

    Oh it’s absolutely true I’m stalking him all the way up the East Coast Main Line..Kings X to the North East.

    Truth, sarcasm & humour..blurred reality ;)

  24. but do u get paddy mcguiness…truth sarcasm and blurred reality oh look im doing a silverarrowmarketing…ur ok for a southerner Chris and a good link baiter…Bye

  25. Chris King says:


    Don’t go!..we’re just getting to know each other. Link Baiter, Paddy McGuinness, SilverA…M… ????

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