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Freelance developer wanted for

At the moment the North East seems to be buzzing with tech and creative events pretty much every week. This is awesome news, however because there is no central repository for the local events I tend to miss a lot. So I thought it would be a nifty idea to build a site where event organisers can upload and share there events for free, with the North East community. A quick trip to the domain registrars and was born. … Continue reading
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Spotify – what the labels are doing right

I’ll start this blog post with a disclaimer, I’m a Spotify fan boy. I have been ever since I first started using it in 2008 and I’ve built a business around it. In case anyone has missed the news this week, some indie labels and distributors have decided to pull their songs from Spotify and all streaming music services because they think that the revenue earned from Spotify etc. is too low and cannibalises sales of their music from places … Continue reading
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Twitter launches Activity stream and more

I’ve just logged into Twitter and got this message: It seems they’ve activated a new Activity stream today. It tells you a bit more about your followers, i.e. who they’re following, what tweets they are favouriting and more. Quite interesting actually. They’ve also launched a new @username tab too. This tab now include tweets directed at users via @replies (no change there), but also shows favourited tweets and retweeted tweets, as well as new follower notifications. Cool. Of course that’s … Continue reading
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I’m really pleased to announce the launch of The idea behind the site is to simplify the process of discovering who retweets your tweets and then being able to drill down and identify who has the most reach of your followers. What the site is not trying to be is an alternative to the likes of TwitterStats etc. and offer detailed data driven stats from all of your twitter activity. Instead, I’m focusing solely on retweets (hence the name) … Continue reading
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I phone, you tube

Well it made me laugh.
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