relaunched with lower prices for content creation

Over 4 years ago in 2008, I first launched to help websites with their content creation. The problem I experienced as an owner of various websites was that I didn't have the time or expertise to write my own content and I couldn't find reliable content writers at a good price to supply content for me. So ContentNow was born.

In the 4 years since we launched we've grown steadily and now have hundreds of clients from blue chips right through to bedroom affiliates. We pride ourselves on being able to produce high quality content on all sorts of niches and verticals. We have several hundred writers on our team now and deliver tens of thousands of pieces of content per month.

The most recent Google updates have shown that quality content is more important now than ever and is something we have always believed in. We've even helped some of our clients to get featured in Google News, bringing them a whole new traffic source and authority.

Anyway, since we have been so busy meeting the needs of our clients we've not had the time to give our own website an update, so it's taken so time but it's finally live. As well as a new look we've also lowered the prices on one of our most popular products, our Daily News service.

If you're thinking of getting some content produced then please give us a try, here's 10 reasons why you should:

1. All of our content is written here in the UK by writers who speak English as their primary language. Nothing is outsourced offshore. We also have a significant American team for USA and international clients.

2. You pay nothing upfront. Unlike our competitors we bill you at the beginning of every month for content produced the previous month.

3. If you don't like anything we write we'll rewrite it for you free of charge, no questions asked.

4. All content is original. Every piece of content written for us is checked for plagiarism using software and then proof read by a human for accuracy and grammar.

5. We can deliver both standard content such as product reviews, category descriptions or anything that you supply us a brief for...

6. We can also produce Daily News, so for example you may run a mobile phone website and require 2 pieces of news daily relevant to your site. No problem.

7. Our Daily News prices have just been reduced. Check them out here.

8. Want us to upload the content we write to your website via your CMS? No problem, we can do that too.

9. Over 20 years combined experience. Myself and my business partner Simon Snelling have over 20 years experience in content creation and SEO. We know what website owners want and how to meet their needs.

10. We can give you a free trial. If you want a 500 word sample piece from us then just email me kieron.donoghue at and I'll sort you out.

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One Response to relaunched with lower prices for content creation

  1. Mark says:

    I’ve used ContentNow for about 3 of those 4 yrs and just wanted to say it’s a superb service (no I’m not being paid to say this!). My main contact is Simon and he is brilliant. He’s there almost morning, noon & night – not that they offer that as a service, it’s just been that way.

    I’ve had at least 500 articles from them over that time. In the beginning, there were one or two writers who’s writing style I didn’t like, as their knowledge of the subject was not what I wanted. No problem. I mentioned this to Simon and he very quickly found me a writer who I did like. I’ve now requested that person write all my articles and again, no problem.

    That’s the point. Ask and where feasible, you shall receive. I’ve recommended them to so many people over the years and I’ve never once had any negative feedback. I can wholeheartedly recommend ContentNow. Do I get a free 500 word article too? ;-)

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